Episode 12

Published on:

26th Jun 2021

Episode #12 - Bill (1981)

This week on a very special Network Special, Nathan and Zachariah - along with friend of the show Mike Wendt (Cleveland Film Commission) - go through the true-life story of Bill Sackter played by Mickey Rooney. Bill spends his days washing dishes in a country club until he runs into Barry Morrow, a filmmaker who decides to make a documentary about him. The two become close friends and Bill becomes national hero!



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Network Special
Network Special is a podcast about the lost art of appointment television. Utilizing the power of VHS recordings and DVD cash-ins, hosts Colin Patrick and Nathan Scherer discuss television specials that were mostly meant to be aired once. Tune in to relive your childhood (or the childhood of your parents) and see what TV executives thought would be great television for the whole family.