Episode 1

Published on:

10th Apr 2021

Episode #1 - NBC's 1989 Saturday Morning Preview!

Zach and the Saved by the Bell gang get sucked into their TV and have to find a way out before the school dean marks them tardy. Aired only once on September 13, 1989, this TV special was created to promote NBC’s Saturday morning lineup. Listen as Zachariah and the Network Special gang (Nathan) rundown the incredibly thin plot and discuss some of the shows that ran every weekend during the 89-90 television season.


Who Shrunk Saturday Morning?

Alf Tales

Camp Candy

The Karate Kid

The Smurfs

Captain N: The Game Master

Alvin & the Chipmunks

Saved by the Bell

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Network Special is a podcast about the lost art of appointment television. Utilizing the power of VHS recordings and DVD cash-ins, hosts Colin Patrick and Nathan Scherer discuss television specials that were mostly meant to be aired once. Tune in to relive your childhood (or the childhood of your parents) and see what TV executives thought would be great television for the whole family.