Episode 1

Published on:

17th Sep 2022

S02E01 - The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984)

This week on Network Special, we are BACK with the second season of the show and this time, we brought along a new host! Say farewell to Zachariah and hello to Colin as we watch another WonderWorks special starring Peter Billingsley. This is the tale of a giant chicken and the New Jersey city that can't quite figure out what to do with it. Tune in to hear all about it (way too much in fact) and to cheer on our new friend!


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Network Special
Network Special
Network Special is a podcast about the lost art of appointment television. Utilizing the power of VHS recordings and DVD cash-ins, hosts Colin Patrick and Nathan Scherer discuss television specials that were mostly meant to be aired once. Tune in to relive your childhood (or the childhood of your parents) and see what TV executives thought would be great television for the whole family.